Up Again

TL;DR: Lost my blog. Didn’t have a blog for about a year. Recovered many of my posts using web.archive.org. Here we are again.

How to deploy a Node Lambda function

When you are building a Lambda function locally you will find that you need to upload the code pretty often in order to test it. Doing this manually could be quite a pain and time consuming. Here, I will show the easiest way I found to deploy a Node Lambda function using aws-sdk.

React Asset Loader

This is simple react component for loading assets. It allows you to load from a single asset to multiple assets without affecting the pageload speed. You can also add custom classes, attributes and callback functions.

Using ES6 modules in the browser

There are a lot of information about Gulp, not so much for ES6 and just a very few articles about how to implement ES6 modules (for the browser) properly.