Up Again

TL;DR: Lost my blog. Didn’t have a blog for about a year. Recovered many of my posts using web.archive.org. Here we are again.

Last year something really stupid happened, went for vacation and didn’t realize that had a few notifications to pay my Digital Ocean account so during vacation my account got deactivated and when they do so they delete all your droplets so I lost everything, even my Ghost blog that I had running.

Since then I’ve been quite busy both on work and life stuff but finally got a bit of a downtime to get the blog up again. This time I’m not using ghost basically because I don’t need a CMS, I don’t write that much and my blog isn’t fancy at all. So this time I’m just using Github pages + Jekyll and works just fine.

Lukyly enough I could recover most of my posts using web.archive.org, but the ones I wrote on 2016 are gone so I will try to re-write them again anytime soon.

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